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Choose a breakfast and get a puppy

Choose a breakfast and get a puppy



Now before you eat, what music/song will you play in the morning? (this part you're not going to choose pictures but you'll choose a song, you can check out the song by clicking the link) ?(·?·)?

Okay, So you wake up in the morning (whatever time you wake up, cause I wake up afternoon lol) and you stretch your arms or maybe not ?????? then you fix your bed and do your morning routine, after that, you went to your kitchen and make breakfast for yourself, So choose what kind of breakfast you want by choosing the pictures below.

After you finish eating your breakfast, you turn off the music and you put your dishes on the sink and wash them, after that, you went to do whatever hobby you like or to do, like sleeping, internet etc. then you sit on the couch and decide to watch TV but What TV show you want to watch?

Hello! I'm backkk! Welcome to my quiz again, So today in this quiz it will only be very short, so we're going to get a puppy! By only choosing pictures for what you want for your breakfast! And you can follow or comment if you want or what puppy you get! So let's get into it, Are you ready?

After you made your breakfast, How about a morning drink? ?

Choose a breakfast and get a puppy
Here's your puppy!

live love bark! ?
What a lovely puppy!

live love bark! ?
Aww, He winks at you ?

live love bark! ?
Awww So Cute!

live love bark! ?

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