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Harry potter Quiz Which member of the Golden Trio are you?

Harry potter Quiz Which member of the Golden Trio are you?

Join us in this quiz and we will reveal your favorite character in a movie of harry potter


What is your favorite class of the following?

What is your best trait? (Multiple choice)

Favorite magical creature?

What do you like about Hogwarts?

What job do you want?

What is your worst trait? (Multiple choice)

If you’re sad, why?

How many friends do you have?

What’s your blood status?

Did you like the quiz? (Affects your score)

Which member of the Golden Trio are you?

You are the chosen one! You are the most loyal of your friend group. Though, you can get into trouble easily. But that’s what makes you fun! You’re friends are definitely not bored around you.

Ah, the bookworm. You are easily the smartest of your friends. You can be a bit of a know it all, but that’s okay. You’re friends would definitely thank god for your existence.

You are Ronald Weasly! You are most likely the funnest of your friend group! You may tend to argue, but you always make it up in the end. Anyways, your friends are lucky to have a protective friend like you.
You are either your own person or like another character. That’s ok. You’re special. Now get off your phone and go outside! (Totally not being a hypocrite)

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