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Movies Quiz Which Marvel man likes you

Movies Quiz Which Marvel man likes you ??

Join us in this quiz and we will reveal your favorite character in a movie avengers


What's your favourite flower?

What's closest to your personality?

Pick a place to travel to or live?

What's a hobby of yours?

Pick a power.

Pick a gown.

What do you look for in a man?

Pick a word that you feel strongly about.

What is your hair color?

Pick your favorite color.

Pick a pet.

Which Marvel man likes you
Captain America

Steve Rogers, rescued you from Hydra after Bucky told him about you. Steve helped you with your PTSD and nightmares, and later fell in love with you. Pet names he calls you- Princess, Honey, Sweetheart, Baby Favorite things to do together- Go to amusement parks, Go to drive in theaters,

I'm soooo jealous! You and Bucky fell in love while you watched over him for Steve. Steve asked you to watch Bucky and help him with his new life while he went to work. Bucky ended up catching feelings for you and was to shy to make the first move. Sooner or later you got tired of waiting and kissed him (with his permission of course) and it's been going great since then. Pet names he calls you- Doll, Doll face, Darling, Sweet Cheeks Favorite things to do together- Watch movies (you are trying to get him up-to-date with the world), taking him to the zoo, Go dancing, walking on the beach at night

You got Loki. You met him while you were working at S.H.I.E.L.D. You were assigned to keep close watch over him while he was imprisoned. At first he acted hostile with you, but he ended up falling for you. Pet names he calls you- My love, Dear, My Queen Favorite things to do together- Go to museums, Go to coffee shops, and him cuddling you while you read.
Tony Stark

You got hired as an assistant for Stark Industries. While working there you caught Tony's eye. Later on he would call you to his work shop for stupid made up things, like if you could hand him his phone that was nine feet away from him. When you got fed up and called him out on it he kissed you. Pet names he calls you- Babe, Hot stuff, Baby girl, Princess Favorite things to do together- You like to watch him tinker in his shop while jamming out to music, you both like to go on road trips off the grid together to get away from all the fuss of paparazzi
Bruce Banner

You met Bruce when you applied to SHIELD. You landed a job working with the one and only Bruce Banner. He fell for you because of your witt and shyness. Pet names he calls you- Angel, Sweetie, Teacup Favorite thing to do together- Go to museums.

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